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My name is Vladimir Petković, I was born in Serbia, Belgrade, in summer of 1982. I am stand alone cover-art artist, illustrator and comic book painter/artist. From 1993. 'till present day, I'm a member of ''Djordje Lobačev''-school of fine and comic arts, which is Held by Vladimir Vesović. Through years, I've exposed my works, both strips and illustrations, in Serbia, and in cities like Nis, Novi Sad, Leskovac and Belgrade. I like to work on various topics, but mostly onfantasy,horror,mythical, historical and reality oriented. From 2001. to 2006. I've worked on illustration for three books,written by Stanko P. Zuber. I also worked for caricature contest named ''Pjer'', the biggest and most important caricature fest in Serbia, and also I've participated on every ''Strip Festival (Salon Stripa)'' which helds one in a year in SKC halls, in Belgrade. I don't use digital technics, and programs like ''PAINTER'' or ''MAYA'', with exceptions of Photoshop applications, which I use only for light effects,brightness/contrast, and some details which I use to add more effectivity to illustration. Considering materials, I use charcoal, chalk, wooden coloured pencils, regular b2-b6 pencils, aquarel, tempera, creons, ink...Also, I work on all kinds of formats and paper mediums, from regular 80g paper to cardboard mediums and hamer and aquarel paper. People who mainly influenced me to start to paint and draw, were Roberto Diso, Roberto Raviola aka Magnus and Fabio Civitelli, but also Marini and Massimiliano Frezzato. Besides interests in painting and illustration, I also work as journalist for music zine ''Metal Sound'' and I write poetry which I achived to publish once, back in 2001.(as a self-released editon) Check my galleries here and enjoy!