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Hello, and welcome to my official web page.
Idea for the opening of this page, was to present my works and my visions to the world.
Check the galleries with completed works and sections with ideas, sketches etc. For any crtic, suggestion, comment, leave the words in ''guestbook''. For contact or some more direct questions and requests like using my illustration, sketches or other, on your non-commercial sites, forums, commecrial sites, check Contact section, and Please, read the footer statement, placed at the bottom of the last page.
Also, If you want to leave comments or any word about my works (especially or in general), visit My Art Wanted page by clicking the link below.
07th November, 2008
Hi everybody. It was long time ago, since these pages have been updated. I've become lazy, it's true, but I have a bunch of stuff, just waiting to get here. Tell ya what, in a couple of days, all of my pages here, are gonna be updated with sketches, illustrations and comic panels.
See ya soon, for next update.
Thank you for being patinet!
04th April 2008
-Site is going through some changes as you can see within the ''News and Info'' page.
-Besides Site changes, I work on new paintings, which will be uploaded until the end of this month.
-Some video clips will be added also, when April closes.

10th February 2008
- Web Page Updated
-New Illustrations in ''Works'' section are uploaded
- Some illustrations from ''Works'' section are moved into ''Abrumations'' section.
-In March, video files for view will be uploaded and placed in new, yet unnamed section.
-New Sections on site from month of April

04th December 2007
-Couple of new illustrations are added to ''Works'' section.
-News updated on main page.

11th November 2007
-The web page is up and runnin'.
This pages will be regularly updated and expanded.
Thanx for your support and for visiting!